Hoboken Class Reunion 74'

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Business Profile Film

This is the perfect film to post on your website to highlight your business. It can be anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes long. You can talk about the details of your business and make a strong connection with your customer base. 

We will walk you through the process in putting together a script and  ease you through the process of being on camera. This is the best type of marketing for your website when presented on your "about me page". This is the most visited page on most websites because everyone wants to know about the background of the business they are working with. 

Add a business profile film to your marketing plan and see the difference it will make. 

To receive more information on how to create a business profile film contact us at 252-823-1383

 Send us an email to billgoodefilms.com


30 Second Commercials
Need a quick commercial for your business check out these samples.

Personal Video Some Fun Stuff
I enjoy pointing the camera at the family. Here are some personal films.

Company Videos 
Covering special business events will add so much to your marketing.

Billgoodefilms.com will create films for your businessor personal usage. Produced by Billgoode.com